Owner Introduction

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Owner Introduction

Owner Of SeeGree

Frank Lee ,   took in  Port Of Helsinki

The main Owner Of SeeGree

1.  Contact:

 Skype: alanlong5478   Whatsapp: 0086-13826569119  Wechat: 0086-13826569119

 Email: frank@seegree.com

2,  Summary :

I am  open-minded person, helpful, upright and kind. I am  full of energy and passion, very calm.  I  always bring happiness and positive idea to the people around. 

3. Advantages:

Fluent in Oral English, understand  the western culture very well, the western way of business. have been to more than 30 countries in the world. Has done export for more than 13 years, managed the sales team for more than 10 years, managed the factory for more than 8 years. Has worked in led field for more than 9 years, in solar field for more than 5 years. Very professional for the solar and led lights solutions.

4.  Hobbies 

1Very loyal Buddhist , have been to most of the holy sites of Buddhism in China.  believe in “ you harvest what you seed “ in all of my life.  I try my best to help others once they need, I hope that I can donate more money for charity in the near future. 

Emei Mountain

Emei Mountain, SiChuan Province


Chief Monk of NanHua Temple, GuangDong Province


2) Very loyal environmentalist, worship the nature, love the nature and advocate green life.   Take some activities to protect the environment and want to do more for our future generation. This is the reason why I specialize the led industry and solar industry.  I will continue to work in green industry in rest of my life. 

植树-Plant Tree

Plant Trees in spare time

自行车出行-Go out by bike

Go green with bike

3)I like making true  friends with different people in the world. Now I already have many friends all over the world, I would like to make friends with you whatever your status, wealth, birth or the religion.

I love sharing my experience with other people , never care about the gain and lost. I am already the member of Shen Zhen Chamber of Commerce of SiChuan ,  member of ShenZhen Chamber of Commerce of LuZhou, member of Natives Association from Gulin , I would like to take more activities and make more friends in business field.

Poland Friend, Mr Artur 

Poland Friend, Mr Artur

Norway Frien Lars

Norway Friend,  Lars .  This photo took in Norway.


Mr Eddie, Took in Pittsburg


American Friend, Justin

4) Love travelling. My target is to tour the whole world.

I once visited many historic sites and other tourist attractions all over China. I have already taken some travels in Europe and America and other Asian countries.  I once took a long travel in America for two  times alone,  and traveled  across the North America continent. I plan to visit most of the historic sites and other tourist attractions all over the world, and I will realize this.

Berlin Wall

Frank  Lee  at Berlin Wall, Germany

Eiffel Tower

Frank At Eiffel Tower, Paris

Beautiful Norway

Frank in Beautiful Norway

Tulip in Amsterdam

Beautiful Tulip in Amsterdam,, I love it.

milwaukee, America

Milwaukee,American, Got drunk by cannabis.

Grassland in Western America

Enjoy the Grassland in Western America

5)Love climbing mountains from my childhood. During my working time, I once climbed all of the big mountains around my workplace.  Now I climb the mountain every month. Also I like swimming very muchand I went  swimming every day in my school time. Love surfing  in the sea, challenging myself.


Climbing the Big Mountain

6) Love longevity preservation

Life is short, so I cherish my life very much , even one second or one minute. During my working time, I have finished all of the courses of  Chinese traditional medicine in the Medical universities, also I apply it in my daily life, which works very well. I know how to adjust or relax myself to improve my health condition,  and my health is much better and better than before. I do hold the belief that prevention is much more important than treatment.  If you show interest, you are welcome to discuss and share with me. Also I would like to share all of my experience with you.

 Chanting the name of Buddas

Chanting the name of Budda , make me very healthy and strong

中药泡脚-Wash feet with medicine

Wash the feet with Medicine

4, Life plan and Life value :

Help others and achieve my own success

5, Religion :

Buddhism  , love all the human being and well being.   

6, Companies or project own :

1) Own one factory for led lighting and solar lights, I worked in led field for more than 9 years, have managed the led factory for more than 8 years, have been to more than 30 countries. 

 Office of SeeGree

Office of SeeGee -1

WorkShop of SeeGree

Workshop of SeeGree

2) Own one cultural company to train overseas sales, also work with some universities to train overseas sales. 

Training Center for overseas Sales

Training Center in FuYong , ShenZhen.

Branch Company and training center in LuZhou

Branch Company and training center in LuZhou, SiChuan

Training Center in ShaJing,ShenZhen

Training Center in ShaJing,ShenZhen


If you keep contact with me and get to know me , I am sure you will like me.  

I would like to make more friends in the world!

Do more business in different countries!  My feet will be there!