60W Solar LED Street Light

60W Solar LED Road Light

60W Solar LED Street Light

60W Solar LED Street Light

60W Solar LED Road Light 

This is the project we done in GuangDong  Province in China.

Parameters and Parts, the capacity for battery and panel  depends on the sunshine in your area. 

Solution Information will be provided upon request, we provide best solution information on the market.

1)  200W Solar Panel  ,   Poly  panel, transfering  efficiency is 16-18%, taiwan chip.    Working Voltage, working current :  A. Guarantee :  25 years.  

2) 150AH lead-acid Battery .  Deep recyclable  lead-acid Battery,   Three year guarantee

3)  Controller + Constant current driver, 10A,   Muti-functional,   over-loading protection,   over-discharging protection, compatible for 12V/24V system,, with  constant current driver, time sensor, light sensor.  Life time: 5 years

4)  60W led street light.  epistar led ,  IP65,  bird-shit proof.  5 years guarantee

5)  Battery case:  customer can choose metal one for outside or for underground  plastic  case.

6)  Rack for the panel

7)  14 meters of the cable

8) We provide 5 years’s Guarantee.

We choose Taiwan chip for solar panel,  full capacity of battery, epistar led chip for led lights, this is the high quality solutions.

LED Lights head as follows:

60W Solar Road Light

60W Solar  LED Street Light